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Chew slowly and enjoy the way to slimness

Chew dynamic, powerful and with a will. Slowly chewing ensures weight loss …

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Probably that sounds like a joke. How can you lose weight if you chew slowly. However, practice has shown that it is indeed slowly chewing one of the important things that helps with losing excess weight.

Slowly chewing gum is a blend ii enjoying the meal. Chew slowly pull out every morsel of substances that provide a good mood and life. Scientists are slowly chewing compared with bee taking nectar from a flower, then the food in your mouth melts like sugar and every flavor overwhelmed the taste buds.

Go ahead and try. Start off slowly chewing fruits or vegetables. Chew so long until a liquid mass. You will feel and how you can release all the flavors.

We eat several times a day and most of us swallow large chunks of food. It causes severe digestion of food. Often we forget that food begins in the mouth and therefore “skip”. But slowly and chewing quickly decide on health and disease.

Scientist Boorhave already 1740th year, said: “What is the situation with food in your mouth, such as intestinal juices, such as intestinal juices, this is the blood, such as the blood and flesh.”

Constant neglect of digestion in the mouth creating favorable conditions for disease and fat. Rapid ingestion of large pieces in the stomach creates a “compost” which leads to decay and fermentation. Occurring toxic substances that harm your body.

Eat slowly, chew slowly to digestive enzymes and juices to do business combination. This is the only way that the nutrients they get to where they are needed.


Photo by Frank Kovalchek / CC BY

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