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4 chores that can calm you down and improve concentration

On housework often viewed as a necessary evil, rather than as a practice that we can use. Surely there are many other things you can do, but if a different approach to household chores, they can bring some good. I can calm you down and make you happier.

1) Dishwasher

Nobody likes to wash dishes, but it is possible to make the dishwashing calming activity.

Since when do you start to wash dishes until you wipe your hands at the end, note any sense until you do it. The sound of flowing water, the bubbles, the smell of liquid dishwasher, liquid sensation in hands, heat the water and the like. Wash them slowly. Concentrate on what you’re doing and forget about the fact that you do it because you have to.

2) Preparing the great meal 

During the preparing of a large meal, you can be creative. Creativity in the kitchen allows you to fully concentrate on what you do. Tableware enhances your senses, keeps you in the present moment and makes you forget about everything else.


 3) Organization drawers for one and all

Studies have shown that chaos is a major source of stress in the home, so you will best eliminate by editing things. Concentrate on organizing drawers: Think about where you will put the pen, what would go on to place and how to best to allocate things so you can easily find it. Your mind will feel purified when finished.

4) Fitting bed right after waking up

You only need a minute of it, and the day will benefit from it. Think about it: Do not you find the thought of tidy bed peaceful? Furthermore, while making the bed for a moment wander away from thinking about other things and everything looks neat. With such a clear picture in your mind, everything will be a little bit easier.


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