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These are the foods that you should not eat in the morning

Breakfast is the most important meal and that’s why we can not eat what we find under arm. It is important that, when and how we eat because it can have a big impact on our health, and our weight. If you do not want to get unwanted pounds, we bring you a list of foods that you should avoid for breakfast.


1. Do not go overboard with the purchase orange juice

You might think that orange juice is good to start the day, but you must keep in mind that juices contains a lot of sugar, especially those who have a small portion of fruit. Much better option is to drink a glass of water and eat a whole orange. Whole fruit will give the body the necessary vitamins and minerals, and fiber will fill your stomach to give a feeling of satiety.

2. Pancakes

Often we see in movies and in various series as a family breakfast pancakes or waffles topped with some juicy sauce. This food you should not eat for breakfast. Instead, it is much healthier to prepare cereal, toast and low-fat yogurt or egg white omelet. This will provide the necessary protein and give energy to start the day.

3. Highly sweetened coffee

Coffee is sometimes required to start the day and doesn’t blow your health if you drink it a lot. Cream for coffee, whitener and sugar will make a cup of coffee a true calorie bomb.

4. Energy bars

May seem like a good idea for breakfast, but event the healthy cereals contains a lot of sugar. Some tiles may have bits of chocolate that will bring additional unwanted calories.

5. Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic beverages can not be the first thing you will need to enter into your body when you open your eyes. Besides being unhealthy, this drink will not provide your body the necessary nutrients to start the day, and the body will immediately afford to “fight” to get rid of toxins from the body. Avoid.

6. Fatty foods

Fatty food is never the best choice because it is hard for the stomach and they contain a lot of calories. Try to avoid as much as possible, and it is particularly must not eat in the morning.

7. Sweets

Do you love the morning with coffee and a piece of chocolate cake? Leave that for later, as a dessert after a meal. Breakfast certainly is not the time for such a selection of food.

8. Snacks

Snacks are full of salt and fat, so it is not advisable to consume. Especially in the morning and late at night. If you just can not refrain from snacking, choose healthy snacks such as dried apples.

9. Fast food

Fast food is always on the list of foods that should be avoided if you want to avoid weight gain and keep healthier body. It’s not the food that you should “treat” your body for breakfast.

10. Donuts

Although they can be classified under the number 6 and fatty foods, yet we put them on the list separately. Donuts are often found at the family table for breakfast, especially if that someone is prepared by the older generation over the weekend when you come to visit, or the like. Avoid as much as you can because they are full of oil, and certainly not a good choice for a healthy morning meal.

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