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7 reasons why cycling is always better than driving a car

There are countless reasons why cycling is better than driving a car, and this explains the fact that on the road we can see the growing number of cyclists, especially with the advent of warmer days. Cycling has always been one of our favorite activities, but also a favorite mean of transportation.

Besides being good for the environment, it is also a great way to lose weight. No more entertaining ways to lose weight from cycling. Always leave the car and choose a bike, but also we will bring you down the reasons that will make you take a bike instead of a car ride.


1. Healthier for the environment

One of the best reasons why you should use the bicycle as a means of transport is the fact that the bike is in no way detrimental to the environment, unlike cars, which emit harmful carbon dioxide (CO2). So if you care about the environment, ride a bike.

2. You do not need money for fuel

Another in a series of advantages of bike is that you have virtually no cost, unlike a car which needs fuel to start. In addition to touring runs her own body, burn calories and save money that would otherwise be spent on fuel. The only thing you have to worry when the bike comes is well-inflated tires, which in turn to be slightest problem.

3. It is good for shaping your body

Cycling is very good for your health, and body contouring. Riding a bicycle consume calories which in turn helps with weight loss. In addition, cycling helps in shaping the buttocks and thighs. Do you need more reasons?

4. There is no problem with parking

Did you know that the one parking space for a car fit about 10 bikes? Bikes can be left virtually anywhere and not have to spend time searching for a free parking place, as is the case with the car.

5. Bikes are sociable vehicles from cars

Bikes are much more social means of transport than cars because you can ride a bike in society and thereby have a good time. Also, if you meet someone while driving, you can not stop the problem and discuss what the car really is not that simple.

6. They are cheaper

No matter what kind of bike you purchase, they are much cheaper than cars. Today,high quality bicycles can be found at very affordable prices and you choose the one that will best suit your needs and preferences.

7. You do not need insurance

You need to be careful when riding a bike, wear a helmet and obey traffic rules, but you do not need to conclude the meeting as an insurance policy for the car.

These are just some of the many benefits of cycling, and we believe that there are many for whom it is worth the time to choose a bike instead of a car, even if you are not a fan of cycling.

Do you like to ride a bike, or do you still prefer driving a car?


Photo by Arria Belli / CC BY

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