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Food that teeth (do not) love

Teeth are an important part of our body, for two reasons: the first is that they play an important role in our daily diet and without them we would not normally be able to consume food, and the other reason is aesthetic, because healthy and white teeth certainly contribute to a more beautiful appearance. To save them healthy and strong, it is necessary to take care of them, that you wash them regularly (three times a day) and floss your teeth, but also to watch what you eat. We reveal to you which foods damage your teeth, and threatening them.

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BAD for your teeth are…


Candy, especially those rubber, full of sugar, which is very harmful to the teeth. They are, as such, stick to them and make it difficult to wash, and thus create a favorable environment for the build-up and attack bacteria.


Most juices that are offered by retailers, especially those sparkling, also contain sugar in large quantities. He also attacks the enamel forming dental plaque, thus causing the appearance of cavities.

Acidic foods

Although packed with vitamin C, lemons, oranges and grapefruit should be consumed sparingly, because of its low acidity affect tooth enamel etching is.


Coffee is almost the most harmful drinking the teeth! If you want to have a dazzling smile, then you should definitely avoid it, because your teeth from her change color, dark, just like a cigarette. If you have a habit to drink more per day, it will darken your teeth so that it will look messy, even immediately after washing.

GOOD for your teeth are…

Dairy products

Dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are rich in minerals, especially calcium, which is not only good for the bones, but also makes your teeth healthy and strengthens them.

Green tea

White teeth- Green tea is great for eliminating toxins from the body, but also to remove the bacteria that build up in the mouth and on your teeth, causing cavities.


Tap water often contains high content of fluorine, which is excellent in the prevention of dental caries. In addition, it helps to restore saliva and to eliminate microorganisms that attack the teeth.


Certain fruits, such as apples, for example, has antibacterial properties. That’s why you always older when you do not have at hand the toothbrush say to eat an apple to cleanse them. In addition to apples, pears, kiwi, and onions are very favorable to the teeth, as they enable the production of saliva, which defend against bacteria and prevent gum disease.


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