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Food for a flat stomach

Are you ready to say goodbye to overweight in the stomach and get flat stomach? All cardio exercise in the world will straighten your stomach if you eat the right foods. Discover which foods will help you to reach the desired slim.

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Extra virgin olive oil

Not all fats are the same, and extra virgin olive oil is the best example. It will help you lose excess weight from the abdomen because it contains unsaturated fatty acids that promote the burning of calories and fat. An additional bonus is that it will regulate cholesterol levels.

Almonds (with rind)

This nut has an amazing power to conduct the abdomen. It will help build muscle, reduce food cravings and will be the perfect healthy snack. Avoid salted almonds. Instead enjoy the raw almonds that have bark.


It has best reputation when it comes to gas, it will help in reducing the percentage of body fat, build muscle and regulate digestion. Beans will keep you feel fuller for longer, so you’ll rarely crave for food. Beans will encourage bowel movements and thus prevent the formation of imprisonment.


This low-calorie vegetable (only 40 calories a cup), you have to eat if you want a flat stomach. It’s a good source of calcium, which will facilitate muscle contraction.


Fresh avocado contains about 15 grams of fiber and is great for preventing cravings for food. Just 1/4 cup of avocado will satisfy the daily body’s need for unsaturated fatty acids, which promote burning fat on the abdomen.


Do not neglect the power of pork. According to a recent survey, 170 grams of pork a day promotes weight loss, and retains all the muscle mass. This is a great recipe for a flat stomach.


Studies have shown that people who eat half a grapefruit three times a day, the loss of excess weight without any additional changes to the diet. It is possible that the acidity of grapefruit slows the digestion of food, which makes you feel fuller for longer.


Apples are an excellent source of fiber, which helps with weight loss in the abdominal area. This crunchy fruit requires a lot of chewing, so you will fool your body and it will think that you are eating more than you really are.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein and a very good choice for breakfast because it will keep you fuller for a long time. Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which helps the body consumes fat cells.

Nut butters

An excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids that help in removing excess weight. Use your favorite butter and enjoy it, but not too much. 1/4 cup servings is satisfactory.

Greek yogurt

In addition to the great taste, contains more protein than regular yogurt. It also contains probiotics that reduce the level of bad bacteria in the digestive system and prevent bloating.


Vitamin D deficiency can cause the accumulation of fat on the abdomen. Mushrooms will do wonders on this point because they are a natural source of vitamin D.

Chocolate milk

It contains the ideal ratio of carbohydrates and protein, which helps build muscle and reduce fat percentage.


They contain few calories, great taste and a very good source of water, which makes them perfect for weight loss. Tomatoes are a natural diuretic that will help reduce bloating.


It’s great for a flat stomach because it contains few calories and lots of protein. The body burns more calories while full break down the proteins, in relation to the carbohydrate. It also contains leucine, which helps to increase muscle mass and metabolism.


Salmon is excellent for a flat stomach because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which increase metabolism and promote fat burning.

Whole grains

Your body begins to store fat at a time when insulin levels rise. Whole grains will help to burn fat because it will keep insulin levels stable.


It’s delicious and has a lot of fiber that you long hold sieves, and the good news is that the fibers have no calories. Fiber will help in cleansing your body, and one cup of raspberries contains as much as 8 grams of fiber.


Except that contains no fat and very few calories, an excellent source of vitamins and fiber, which stimulate the breakdown of fats.


A natural diuretic and is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which promotes fat burning. Also, they contain very few calories.


Garlic improves body metabolism and burn fat on the abdomen. It will also boost the body fat to use as energy source.

Soybean pods

Excellent for weight loss. Builds on burning fat and stimulate the body to fat for energy. It is easy to digest and help prevent the accumulation of fat on the abdomen.

Dark chocolate

Thanks to unsaturated fatty acids, dark chocolate will favor fat burning. Will satisfy your need for sweets, but do not consume more than 1/4 cup of dark chocolate a day.


It will help to maintain a stable blood sugar and thus prevent the craving for snacks, especially carbohydrates.


Walnuts are wonderful. They contain omega 3 fatty acids that stimulate the body to burn fat. Avoid salted nuts and eat them completely natural, ie, raw.

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