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Prepare yourself for the summer – eat collagen!

Maybe it sounds strange, but we have to prepare the skin and inside from the sun’s rays “attack”. Prepare for bringing more collagen. Learn why and how.


By entering certain foods you increase the production of collagen, which helps the skin itself, youthful appearance, but also strengthen your skin and prepare it for presentation stronger sun.

Collagen and skin

The skin consists of epidermis, the outer layer, the dermis, and the hypodermis of the second layer, the third. When the sun came up the majority of the skin to UV rays (about 95 percent) is blocked, and the remaining approximately 5 percent is absorbed by collagen, which is located in the second layer, the dermis.

It is one of the most important proteins in our body, and we can say that he holds the whole body to “together”. People who have weakened collagen are more prone to injuries, and sunburn.

The production of collagen in our body begins to decline since the mid ’20s, and by the’ 40s will decline to 30 percent. Lack of collagen makes us more vulnerable to the sun, leading to burns and inflammation. Inflammation of the signal your body to produce metalloproteins, an enzyme that attacks collagen. This creates a circle in which we are vulnerable to sunburn, but also prone to wrinkles, skin cancer and other skin diseases.

Therefore, collagen can not be seen so easily. This protein is important to us, especially as we age.

Entering collagen?

Some researchers emphasize soup bones, natural sources of glucosamine sulfate, what type. Glucosamine can stimulate the production and help to repair the weakened joints. Supe rich in glucosamine are considered by some experts, says youth serums, which can restore the body, regardless of age. Usually there are in a soup bone (such as beef).

On the other hand, mentions and domestic gelatin combined with Kombucha or fruit juices, which can have the same impact.

Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons gelatin (preferably beef) with 2 cups of a liquid, pour into molds and place in the fridge. We want the collagen.

It is desirable to combine it with turmeric, kombucha or coconut water, lemon or similar liquid to get the jelly cubes.


Try and food contact, which increases the production, in particular in the skin.

Soybeans and soy products are very useful. They contain genistein, thanks to which our body produces more collagen but also block the enzymes that accelerate skin aging.

Greens is even more grateful. Spinach, rastan, chard, asparagus is the right choice because they contain lutein, which you need 10 mg a day. This can be obtained with 120 gr of spinach or collard 60 gr. The skin will be better hydrated and produce more collagen.

Red fruits and vegetables could also be found on your menu. They contain powerful antioxidants, which tend collagen that “swells”. Let us think of the red peppers, beets, tomatoes, carrots, … Yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables contain special nutrients thanks to which we obtain enhanced UV protection.

Some scientists believe that the fact so much that if you regularly eat 6 servings per day of fruits and vegetables for two months will create a natural barrier to equal protection factor 4 sunscreens.

How among these foods include those boagte vitamin C, oranges, lemons, strawberries, the effect is even more enhanced.

You can try it with dried plums or blueberries. Eat 5 to 6 daily prunes or a cup of blueberries. Get plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, which can be found in nuts, and flax seed.

Among the “instigator” of collagen includes foods rich in sulfur: olives, fresh cucumbers, celery, …

Enter also: turkey (2 to 3 times a week), dark chocolate (in moderation), pomegranate, avocado oil or fresh avocado (very effective in stimulating the production of collagen), …

If you include these foods in your menu this summer can feel significant change and better preserve the skin from sunlight.

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