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Strengthen your hands in 15 minutes

Most women carrying excess weight in the lower part of the body, and that this part is “the carpentry” we need strong and firm hand. Power up your hands by using exercises that you make today.

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Hands are a lot easier for toning of the lower body, and the easiest to start is from the top down. First, strengthen your hands so you will be much easier to move on to critical physical parts, buttocks, stomach and thighs.

Strengthen your arms at a 15-minute exercise

Start with 4 minutes modified pushups. Lie facedown on the floor you can rely on your knees and toes, hands are shoulder width apart, toes also widespread. Slowly lower yourself into a pushup. When you descend, make sure that your chin in front of the fingers, it is a sign that you are doing the exercise correctly.

After pushups, strengthen the hands of two-minute weightlifting. Stand straight, legs spread, and in each hand hold the weight of two pounds, fists facing forward. Inhale and raise both of this at once to the chest, arms bend only at the elbows.

After that still continue exercises with weights, only this time we keep the weights from the side and raise your hands in width at shoulder height, arms are straight.

4 minutes long is a third type of weight training. Lie on your back and extend your arms in front of you in the air, then bend the arm at the elbow so that you each tag came about at the ear.

The last exercise of this series is the “plank” or stick, repeat it three minutes. Lie on your stomach, legs are straight, stretched, and the hull was raised, you depend on your forearms and hands, then lift the body off the floor on toes, watch, forearms and palms are constantly on the substrate.

Repeat this exercise several times a week and strengthen the hand without breaking a sweat, and then devote yourself to other parts of the body.

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