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Ladies with glasses: How to make up?

Whether you wear glasses for fashion or health, it is necessary to know how to put on eyeliner, mascara and concealer to make your eyes look nice

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Many girls have a diopter and health reasons have to wear glasses, which are easy to fashion as a new fashion was introduced glasses.

Whether you wear glasses or marking those practical, it is very important how you will apply your makeup. Here are some tips that you must not forget.


Color eyeliner should be different from frame glasses to make your eyes come to the fore. In combination with a black frame fits gray, brown and blue shade liner, with dark gray brown tones and bronze. Also, when applying eyeliner, the rule is that the broad framework goes thicker line of eyeliner and a rope thinner frames.

Avoid mascara on the lower lashes

Eyelashes on the upper eyelid curl before applying mascara. Thus, they visually appear larger and are not to stick together. With mascara should not be exaggerated – it is sufficient to apply only one layer, it will normally see lumps. Mascara on the lower lashes is best avoided. Dark lashes create a shadow that contribute tired looking.

Concealer hides dark circles

As the eyes are the center of attention, particularly to keep an eye on the concealer, because the glasses further enhance even the smallest mistake. The best choice is a correction in yellowish hues, which will cover dark circles, purple spots and redness of the face. But one need not forget the foundation that will balance the complexion, and is selected by the color complexion.

Unkempt eyebrows

Eyebrows must be accurate, otherwise it can spoil the entire look. It is important to have his hair cut, and that the hair does not stick out in all directions, so it is best to subdue a special gel for eyebrows. That will not distract from the eyes.


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