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What, in fact, we should have eat for dinner?

Dinner should not contain more than 25 percent of the total allowable daily calorie


As everyone knows who they were or are just some of the diet for weight loss is a very important species, quantity and time when food enters the body. While some child predict heavier evening meals, it seems that it is not the best way to lose weight, especially if it is late evening meals. Specifically, the later you eat an evening meal, all the worse because the body can not digest food arrives while you are awake and active.

If you eat and then quickly go to sleep, undigested food will largely remain undigested in the morning, due to a slowdown in overall metabolism. A study conducted by the “Northwestern University” and the U.S. has shown that people who eat meals at irregular intervals, especially those who eat late night in and night hours when they should sleep, it greatly affects the increase in pounds.

The maximum number of calories

When you’re on a diet, you know how many calories a day should not enter into the body, if you want to lose a certain number of pounds. According to this study, dinner should not contain more than 25 percent of the total allowable daily amount of calories. For example, if a day in the body, you can enter 1500 calories, dinner should not contain more than 375 calories.

Also, when you just can not avoid the subsequent meal, let it contains less acid, which are difficult to digest.

Avoid evening meals that are rich in meat, grains and dairy products, especially if you are planning for less than two hours to go to sleep.

Try to eat as early as possible, at least four hours before you plan to go to sleep, and that meals have less starch. Dinner let you mainly consists of freshly cooked vegetables, vegetables and a little protein.

Less acid

If you have a habit in the evening to eat wheat products with milk or yoghurt, we recommend that you change that habit, or at least reduce the amount that you enter as wheat (in any form) it is difficult to digest. Instead, eat fruits and vegetables. Also, instead of the usual cereal, you can try for example the integral rice, lentils, millet and barley. All of these grains are in themselves a high proportion of fiber, which improves digestion and accelerate. Also, a very good source of protein, which is very good if you are in the evenings playing sports.

Eat Green

Broccoli, spinach, kale, zucchini, asparagus, carrots and red chili peppers have antioxidant activity, and recommended their consumption in the evening. Not only are they very healthy and good for digestion, but also the health of the whole organism, and may assist in slowing the signs of aging, prevent heart disease, blood vessels, the occurrence of cancer, and reduce the effects of stress. Neutralize free radicals, which can cause numerous consequences for the organism.

broccoli salad

Less effort, fewer calories

When you think about it, it makes sense that in the evening, eat less calories in the body, because if you do not work at night, do not spend so much energy. A higher intake of calories in the body you need during the day, when you are active, therefore it is very important to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and a healthy and balanced snacks.

From time to time the dinner may involve smaller amounts of carbohydrates, and when it comes to fixing dinner, cook in less oil and fat. Over the orientation of the healthy spices to make a tasty dish. Do not forget that at least once a week to eat fish, or lunch, or dinner.

Suggestions for dinner:

  1. Fish grilled or boiled fish – salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel
  2. Seasonal vegetables – raw, steamed, roasted on the grill
  3. Risotto with vegetables or mushrooms (without cream or cheese)
  4. Mixed vegetables cooked in a wok – beans, peas, carrots, onions, peppers, mixed with chicken or turkey breast (use a small amount of oil) – should remain crunchy vegetables
  5. Beans and lentils – soup with little fat
  6. Fruit – fresh fruit salad (with little or no brown sugar), baked apples, stewed apricots (domestic)

Also, bear in mind that fasting is not the same solution, as it will be during the night even more slow metabolism, which will prevent the weight loss. In addition, a sudden drop in blood sugar can lead to general weakness, falling weaving, nausea, inability to sleep, and so excessive desire for sweet or salty junk food.

The aim is that in the evening, do not exaggerate with the food, but also that you do not starve, but find the golden mean in the form of a balanced healthy meal, which will fulfill its function.


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