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Mistakes that we do during the diet

Not enough religiously watch their intake of calories, it is important for a child to become and stay healthy…

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All throughout life we ​​try at least some form of diets. It is a diet aimed at weight loss, gain pounds, gain muscle mass, detox diet, diet for a specific medical condition and so on … And while every diet has its own specific rules that we must abide in order to achieve the desired effect, because of certain beliefs or ignorance, people often make mistakes when it comes to nutrition.

Given that diets usually a child that is now applied, and there are countless, in these circumstances occurring errors in the diet that you should not ignore it, because it can seriously damage your health and cause greater problems than overweight.

Fast diets

You have decided to lose ten pounds in ten days with one of the low calorie diet, so at the end of the ten days eating only grapefruit and cabbage soup? Of course, when you give the body a day less than 1000 calories, pounds will surely soon begin to melt. But when you eat a little, your metabolism will try to adapt to new conditions in the absence of food, and slow down. Once you stop the diet and start eating normally, your metabolism will continue to be slow, and will quickly build up the lost weight, and perhaps even increase.

Skipping breakfast

But also because everyone knows that they should not skip breakfast, but it seems that some people are still not put on his head. Of course, skipping breakfast seems like a good way to reduce calorie intake, but it is precisely because of this lack of nutrients, many people throughout the day feel hunger and fatigue. Also, people who skip breakfast, often take much larger portions of food for lunch or a full day live on snacks, coffee and other mini unhealthy diets, all of which leads to an increase in body weight.

Healthy breakfast consisting of protein and fiber, stabilize the body of the morning, you will not experience the pangs of hunger, lack of energy, or you have a need for additional unhealthy snacks. In addition, studies have shown that people who eat breakfast in the morning have rarely problems with overweight.

Too many snacks

On a diet and you religiously pay attention to every bit of the body of the main meal, but when you get hungry, you pick up a small sweet or salty snacks in the hope that it will not undermine the concept of diets … They are all self-deception and sabotage his decision to hold a specific diet and lose excess pounds.

Ejecting snacks

While on the one hand, it is necessary to give up unhealthy snack foods and other unhealthy foods for snacks, on the other hand, it is necessary to introduce healthy snacks if you want to lose weight through healthy. In fact, people who eat more smaller and healthy meals throughout the day very rarely have problems with excessive weight. Frequent intake of small amounts of healthy food, you will accelerate your metabolism, prevent a sudden drop in blood sugar, and thus prevent unhealthy desire for sweet or salty meals.

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Careful with the “light” products

Products with less fat are not the same as products with fewer calories. Also, none of these products should not be taken in the double amount than you would have taken the product to normal fat, because in the end you may have to enter the body more fat and calories than you would with a regular product. To be sure how many calories and fat has a product, carefully read the table on which are written all the values.

Do you drink too many calories

Most people easily forget that many drinks contain more calories than many foods. In addition to juices, there are coffee and alcoholic beverages, which often outweigh the sweetest juice. And while you drink a lot of calories will not satisfy the hunger for a long time, but on the contrary arouse her, most people who are on a diet do not drink the water anywhere near enough. The more water, the faster your metabolism, the faster melting of accumulated fat. The recipe is simple – at least two liters of water a day!

Good jelly products

Whole milk, cheese, ice cream and other dairy products, usually have a large sign “NO” in many diets. But just to be extremely counterproductive when it comes to healthy weight loss. In fact, all of these products contain essential vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, which is one of the main ingredients in burning excess fat. Note that the calcium you take as a supplement to the diet will not have the same effect as that from natural sources. With moderate consumption of dairy products will not have a weight problem.

And some practical advice

  • Forget the daily measurement of pounds, because only you will be exposed to unnecessary frustration. If you already want to monitor the progress of your diet, weigh yourself once a week.
  • Do you set unrealistic goals, especially when it comes to five or more pounds you want to lose.
  • After the first pound, which dissolve relatively quickly, you will probably stall and then will need to invest a lot of effort and effort to lose pounds and the rest.

If you do not exercise, do not even indulge in diets for weight loss. Even though it seems that it is much easier to suffer a little hunger but regularly engage in exercise, all of which are seriously thinking about your health, know that no one else goes. In addition, when you exercise regularly, you will be able to eat much more than required in most diets, because healthy eating and exercise metabolism your body will again lead the line.


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