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Real Female Dictionary: I’m ready for five minutes does not mean literally five!

Am I fat in this is one of the most common pitfalls into which men may fall, a drawing is quite painful. It would be better to read during the women’s dictionary


How many times has happened to the person across from you looks white and you do not know what it is not clear when you say all good? Or worse, make me a liar or someone who misunderstood just because someone totally misinterpreted your words. Worst of all is that he does not know when and what to say and dare to literally understand your words!

That it would not be repeated, here’s vocabulary and accurate interpretation of women’s most common phrases that every man (boyfriend, husband, friend, colleague) should be read with understanding.

I’m ready for five minutes

What it really means: I have yet to take a shower; I just got out of the tub, but I have not even touched the hair; Cannot seem to make the same line of eyeliner; I tried four outfits and do not know which is worse …

What to use: To convince anyone that we are not of those who take care of every detail even though we need two hours to get ready

Use in a sentence: Stop calling me every half hour, I’m sure I’ll be ready in five minutes

Synonyms: I’m on my way, I’m just leaving, see you soon

Do I look fat?

What it really means: I cheated whilst holding the child several times, but closer to the weekend and I need to hear from you to look good

What to use: Because you never really think it looks good, except when we send a compliment to someone else

Use in a sentence: I ate a sandwich with eggs and cheese for breakfast, burgers for lunch and vodka for dinner but I want to wear this top – am I fat?

Synonyms: Uh, I have enormous; I think we should get; is this stupid…

Even I do not like

What it really means: I’m totally freaked out by it but I’m trying to be real cool

What to use: To convince myself feel stupid because you ignore us even though we spent two hours studying his ex-girlfriend so that we are better than the competition

Use in a sentence: “What does it matter that did not respond to a message, even to me, and not like”

Synonyms: I’m too good for this; who has the time for it; Oh really sucks

mobile phone

Where did you know?

What it really means: What kind of sexual history you have with a girl where you just say “Hi”?

What to use: To act less aggressive and intimidating to men with whom the

Use in a sentence: How do you know a girl who just ran half the room to call you back?

Synonyms: Were you in a relationship? Did you sleep with her?

In general I do not want a boyfriend

What it really means: I’m so alone I’m going to go crazy, but currently nowhere in sight, someone who suits me

What to use: To convince myself because even if the opportunity presented itself, we would not have accepted it

In a sentence: I really am so happy for the two of them, they found themselves in, but honestly, I do not even need a boyfriend…

Synonyms: Actually I prefer to be single

I’m not hungry

What it really means: Damn I’m starving and I did not have a normal meal for 10 days

What to use: To cover up the fact that we gave up on carbohydrates as the earth ready for summer

Use in a sentence: I’m not in the mood for some Mexican food today, I’m not that hungry…

Synonyms: I do not enjoy the food, it seems to me somewhat artificial, I have an allergies and religious beliefs that prevent me from eating almost everything on offer from food…

Almost anything not eaten

What it really means: I ate almost their weight in potato chips, candy bars, snacks and practically everything we came to hand today

What to use: Give us the excuse we eat more in front of other people

Use in a sentence: I sure could use some Italian food, almost anything I have not eaten all day

Synonyms: I forgot to eat, I simply did not have time to dine

I’m just going to drink

What it really means ruin and I will probably barely remember my name by the end of the evening

To deceive ourselves thinking that we have self-control

Use in a sentence: I had a really rough day today, so I’ll just go out for a drink

Synonyms: I will break tonight

Well, he’s like my brother

What it really means: You had sex once, it was awful and put him in the “friend zone”

What to use: To explain friendship with the opposite sex person you’re dating or flirting with

Use in a sentence: Have you been around? Nah, he came to me as a brother

Synonyms: We’re too good friends that would just spoil it; They grabbed each other once, but it does not account

Well anyway, I did go through

What it really means: I’m far from that, I’m all over it, and regularly checking his profile on the social networking nearly every day since we are not in contact

Why do we use: We try to convince ourselves and others that it was quite ok rupture, not quite as nice

What it really means to look perfect

What to use: To make us feel better, and the opinion that we are attractive

Use in a sentence: I do not think he’s doing fine with it, although I do not care because it is not quite as nice

Synonyms: A hundred times I’m better than her

couple on bench

Anyway, I did not want to go out with him again

What it really means: He never called again and my ego exploded

What to use: In order to fool ourselves with the thought that even the first time we really were interested, in reality it would provide another chance

Use in a sentence: No, we have not heard before, but it’s ok because I did not want to go out with him again

Synonyms: It’s just not something I just pulled

Well, it does not count

What it really means: We have had crazy sex but I was embarrassed to admit

What to use: To prevent the rise of a guy

Use in a sentence: Yes, he slept with me, a little messing around but I do not care, did not mean anything

Synonyms: Yes, it is all but…

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