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5 foods that will calm the stomach after overeating

If you overeating it with food what you expected is cramps, abdominal pain and bloating. These five foods can help you easily digest food and avoid discomfort.

overeating mint

1) Banana

Banana is the food that is easy to digest. Potassium helps the digestive system to function without problem, and fiber which are rich bananas help to reduce of diarrhea.

2) Orange juice

If you drink the juice from oranges to calm the stomach, drink it before lunch and it can not be combined with carbohydrates. This can cause additional bloating and gas.

3) Avoid salt

Salt retains water in the body, and chips and other cereals are not a good choice. If you just want some snacks then it might be better to make popcorn or take a handful of almonds.

4) Rice

Rice is rich in fiber, so the stomach does not have a lot of “work” in order to digest them. Foods like potatoes and toast will also bedevil your stomach, but also help to reduce diarrhea by absorbing liquid.

5) Mint tea

Mint is calming the stomach muscles, which makes it easier to digest food. Also, mint is calming the cramps and fainting.

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