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How to become addicted to exercise?

All envy people who can not imagine a day without exercise. Good news is that anyone can become dependent on exercise. We bring you the strategies that will develop this addiction!

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Get up earlier

If you’re not a fan of exercise in the morning, you get up early anyway. In the morning, you do not have to practice, but it would be good to get up early. Studies have shown that those who get up early, have more energy. That they come in handy later in the day when it is time to exercise.

Give yourself enough time

Experts estimate that it takes about 6 weeks to get used to daily exercise and to become dependent on it. Then you start to notice the first significant results on the body and you will not be able to imagine a day without exercise. Then you will begin to notice a difference in how you feel. You will notice negative changes on days when you do not practice, you will have a lack of energy and you will be worse mood. Only then will you begin to appreciate the good mood that gives you exercise.

Find your favorite exercise

You can not become addicted to exercise, if you do the exercises that you do not like. Find a type of exercise where you look forward to and that you do not work hard. You’ll know you’ve found something you love when you will quickly pass the time while you practice and when you can look forward to training.

Practice in society

Exercise is much more interesting when you practice in society. When other people rely on you, the more difficult will skip training. Exercise with friends is a great way to connect with them, and at the same time and have fun.

Get organized

It is necessary to plan time for exercise so that it fits into your daily routine. You do not want to go to another part of town to practicing. What’s more fit exercise into your daily schedule, it is less likely that you’ll skip it.

Do not overdo exercise

If you just start with daily exercise, some exercise intensity is moderate. Besides you will prevent the occurrence of injuries, reduces the probability of skipping training. After adequate training your muscles are a bit sore, but would the next day should be ready to exercise again.

Rejoice exercise

Deceive your mind and begin to truly look forward to exercising. Think of it as a time that is only when your body and mind are doing something good. Exercise will stop perceived as a liability only when you start to perceive it as a positive experience.

The number of calories

This is not directly associated with the practice, but if you pay attention to the number of calories that you consume, only then will you become aware of how much time to spend practicing. On a day when overdo calorie intake, be sure to increase the intensity of exercise or exercise more. Studies have shown that people who kept diet plan, as a rule, rarely skipped training.

Set realistic goals

A large number of people set unrealistic target, which reduces their motivation to exercise. It is important that your goals are realistic to keep you motivated. Also, let your goal be directed to the intensity and duration of training and not on weight loss alone.

Keep records

Recording progress is a great way to motivate yourself to exercise. You know exactly how much you have progressed and it will motivate you. The organization is an important part of everyday practice. You need to know how your body is expanded, how much weight you have lost and should make a difference.

Some exercise is your ritual

The most important thing in regular exercise is that it becomes a ritual, without which you can not. That will come with time, so do not panic. At first you’ll have to force you to almost every training session, and later it will become an indispensable part of the day. Your body will after some time, start sending signals to the brain that will let him know that it is time to start practicing.

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