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Surprising things that can aggravate allergies

Allergies are never fun. The goal is to minimize the reaction of the organism, but few know that the everyday little things that do actually make the symptoms worse.

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See what can worsen allergy symptoms:

Products with a protein similar to pollen

If snuff and sneezing, it is possible to have problems with certain fruits and vegetables. Are to blame proteins that are found on the surface of raw fruits and vegetables, including apples, tomatoes and melons, even though each pollen allergy has specific foods that can be activated.

“Pollen and proteins in foods are as close relatives so that your body thinks that receives pollen. Stripping products can reduce the response of the organism, and even his cooking, “says Cliff Bassett, founder of the Center for the care of allergies and asthma in New York City.

Contact lenses

When the situation gets worse with pollen, maybe you  should start wearing glasses.

“If you capture the pollen in his eyes, and he stays there, it is possible that there will be further problems,” says David Rozentrih, director of allergy and immunology at Montefiore Medical Center.

Soft contact lenses are particularly prone to the absorption of irritants that are airborne, such as pollen, and smoke. Soft lenses are missing more oxygen, but they can absorb whatever is in tears.


Researchers at Ohio University have discovered that 64 percent of people who reported increased stress levels also had more inflammation caused by allergies.

“When you feel good and you are nervous, in that moment your symptoms worsen,” said Rozentrih.


Alcohol, especially red wine, can aggravate allergies.

“Some people are very sensitive to sulfites, and aggravates allergies to them,” said Rozentrih.

These compounds can be found in the beer and wine.

Perfumes and candles

All with the smell may lead to irritation of the eyelids and the nasal passages, says Basset. This includes perfumes, candles and holiday decorations.


Swimming in a pool with chlorine, and even sitting next to him, can be just as bad for allergies as candles and perfumes.

Indoor pools are much worse option than open because the chlorine pristuan in a small space.


Delicate wool sweater you wear three times before washing can be terrible for your allergy. Clothing, especially those made ​​from coarse and sticky fabric like wool – simply collect pollen and dust.

“Wash after each wearing is essential for those who suffer from allergies, especially during allergy season, so it is better to equip cotton products, is considered Rozentrih.

Morning swim

Pollen does not stick only to your clothes. He can also be found in hair and skin.

“Tiny particles land on you like dirt. The problem with pollen is that it can not see it in the air. If you wake up bloated in the morning, take a shower before going to bed can wash away allergens, which are attached to the body, “explains Rozentrih.


Your allergies may become worse during the dry, sunny and windy days. Then the ideal conditions that the trees begin to release pollen, and thus will be more in the air. With rainy days are the best time for all who suffer from allergies because heavy rain washes the pollen out of the air, thus providing much needed relief.

Passive smoke

Allergies can be added to the long list of problems caused by smoking. Just like candles and perfume and cigarette smoke can cause irritation of the respiratory tract, so you should avoid rooms full of cigarette smoke.


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