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Rose Water for Beautiful Skin: reduces pores and capillaries, treats acne and seborrhea

This safe and simple tool is ideal for the care of all skin types and is great for washing hair.

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Rose water is simply excellent and safe natural remedy for skin care and is one of the oldest means of beautification of the face. In the first place recommended to young people during puberty, when the increased risk of an outbreak of acne, and can be of great benefit to people of mature age, when the skin begins to lose natural moisture.

If apply to face and neck before makeup, makeup will last longer and your skin will have a natural glow. Conductors are used for removing makeup as thoroughly draws fat deposits and dirt and tapered open pores on your face.

It can be rinsed and hair by for a cup of water add two tablespoons of water.

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For sweet dreams, half a cup of water, add three tablespoons of rose water. Insert content into a spray bottle before going to bed, spray the bedding.

And that’s not all. Rose water has a much wider range of activities:

  • Soothes inflamed skin
  • Reduces the chance of acne and small acne
  • Tapered capillaries and reduces redness caused due to irritation
  • It is used as a lining, alleviates dark circles
  • Do not disturb the natural pH of the skin, so it does not cause adverse reactions, and is a real scented balm for all skin types
  • Slows down the aging process of the skin because it hydrates, which contributes to slower wrinkles
  • Helps in the treatment of viral infection if rubbed on the scalp
  • In view of the bath gives a feeling of freshness and purity, relax and contribute to the mood.

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