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Beat anemia: 5 tasty foods that contain more iron than beef!

The belief that the beef the best source of iron is a myth, there are much better suppliers of this important matter which can help you to beat anemia

oysters rich in iron prevent anemia

Iron is one of the most important materials for the health and mood of each of us. Implementing fresh oxygen into the bloodstream, iron increases the level of energy, renewed strength and prevents muscle sensitivity in people who exercise.

For women, the recommended daily dose of iron is 18 milligrams. But the fact that the grilled beef is best source of iron is a myth, in fact, there are much better sources of these essential substances.

In fact, about 85 grams of beef, contains only 2.75 mg of iron. Therefore, begin to consume these five foods that are far richer in iron than beef popular.


Approximately 220 grams of beans contains 4 milligrams of iron, 225 calories and a whopping 40 grams of protein. Best to use it in salads or as an ingredient in fried form.


About 85 grams of sauce contains 6.7 milligrams of iron, which is about a third of the recommended daily dose. Oysters also contain protein and minerals, including zinc leads.


About 40 grams of these crunchy, tasty seeds contain as much as 5.2 milligrams of iron. Add the sesame seeds in your next salad or a mixture of grains. But be careful, do not overdo it, because the sesame seeds rich in fat. At about 40 grams of seeds is 17 grams of fat.


In addition to being great tasting and you get along well with most foods, 200 grams of cooked lenses will give you valuable 6.59 milligrams of iron. In addition, you would enter it, and about 50 grams of complex carbohydrates and 18 g of protein.


Maybe you already know that spinach is the star when it comes to iron. Approximately 230 grams of cooked spinach contains 6.4 milligrams of iron, and only 40 calories.


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