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These are good reasons to take off the extra pounds

Even small changes in the number indicated by the pointer on the scale may improve blood counts and blood pressure. See what else can you can gain with weight loss.


If you are overweight, you probably know that it is more important to lose weight for health reasons, not for aesthetic reasons. Even small changes in the number indicated by the pointer on the scale may improve blood counts and blood pressure.

See what else can you can gain with weight loss.

1) You will sleep better
In one study it was found that obese people who have lost at least five percent of body weight, getting better and better sleeping. The study involved 390 people who had lost five percent of body weight, which showed that they slept almost half an hour longer than those who have not lost weight.

2) The brain will be grateful
In a study from 2013 is found that obese adults showed poorer performance on intelligence tests than others with a healthy weight who participated in the study. Previously, it was not known that obesity is related related to brain function, but in this study, it was explained that obesity in poor blood flow to the brain and thus to allow the fat cells to reach the brain, just as it reaches the heart and the muscle. Only 12 weeks of regular exercise can lead to significant improvements in brain function.

3) You skin will be cleaned
Excess weight is associated with numerous changes to the largest organ in your body-the skin. Still not sufficiently investigated how obesity affects acne and skin infections, but there is a study that claims that weight loss can help reduce psoriasis. In this study points out that adults who participated in the study, eating healthy for a period of eight weeks, it was seen a big improving in the condition of their psoriasis.

4) You will save money
If you lose weight, you wallet will “be fat”. One study from the University “George Washington” showed that when the calculated cost of medicines and medical checkups, sick, fast food and food delivery, annually could save several thousand dollars if you start to eat healthy.

5) You will feel less pain
Excess weight can cause joint pain due to constant pressure on them, and this can further increase inflammation in the body. Generally speaking, weight loss can significantly reduce pain in the knees, hips and ankles, and can even prevent future problems with them. In one study, obese who had osteoarthritis and have lost 10 percent of their body weight, they were able to walk faster, they are more fast and feel less pain.

6) Sex will be much better
In a study conducted in Australia, in which they participated obese men with diabetes, it was found that the loss of five to ten percent of body weight can significantly improve libido and potency. The reason for this lies in the fact that it reduces the strain on the heart and blood vessels caused due to obesity. Also, the ego plays a very important role, because when you feel good, and you are not under stress, you can relax and work better during sex.


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