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7 foods that should not be frozen

The texture and taste of certain foods can change if kept in the freezer.

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Some foods should be stored in the freezer because it may adversely effect on their quality.

1. Cheese is among the longer-lasting food which tastes of standing becomes more mature and appealing to the palate, and its storage in the freezer unnecessarily. Namely, after it loses its structure and the thawing begins to crumble. If you want to prevent formation of mold on cheese, just cover it with butter.

2. No kind of salads does not tolerate freezing, gentle leaves after thawing lose crispness and juiciness, and because of the large amount of moisture quickly fades. The salad is best to wash, dry and store in the refrigerator.

3. Once defrosted meat and seafood you should not go back in the freezer. Sudden changes in temperature are favorable for the reproduction of harmful bacteria dangerous to health.

4. Watery fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers and potatoes freezer completely destroys them. In fact, after thawing because of the large amounts of water, which in themselves possess and that turns into ice crystals, the texture of these foods becomes flours and turns into mush.

5. Fresh herbs after thawing takes on a brown, withered structure that is not only useful as a fresh addition to your meal, but it is useless in a cooked meal. Great way to keep fresh, aromatic and medicinal leaves is freezing in olive oil, then you will get little cubes with preserved fresh herbs.

6. Egg and sour cream in sauces such as mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce and tartar are the reasons why delicious food additives should be kept away from the freezer. During their defrost water coming to the separation of the fat, so there is an excess of liquid which completely changes the taste of the sauce.

7. In yogurt, as well as sour cream, after thawing creates lumps because there is a process of separating liquids from fat. Such textures can not be drink and they become useful only in cooked dishes.


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