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Five myths about wine

Are the expensive wines better, whether in sweet wine and enjoy the true connoisseurs of this drink and three exposed myths of wine.

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There is nothing wrong with what you have a favorite type of grape producers and ultimately the type of wine. However, limited to what you know is closing the door to many less well-known and high-quality types of wines.

We discover some common myths about wine.

Expensive wines are better. This is often true. However, the price of it is influenced more by other factors than actual quality. Location, image, advertising can increase the price of wine regardless of quality. Wines from lesser-known producers and geographical origin can be very good quality and cheaper.

Wines in massive bottles are better. Solid, high quality bottles do show that the manufacturer put a lot of packaging. But the packaging does not necessarily guarantee quality.

Sweet wine for beginners, not for the true fans. Some of the finest wines in the world are sweet. Traditionally, high-quality sweet wines characterized by age, as another guarantee of quality.

There is exactly the time when it is best to drink wine from the wine cellar. Better wine will taste better after a decade, but they are all delicious wine at any time. The really rare ones are peaking experience after ten years or more.

Quality wines are closing with stopper cork. On the contrary, the wine can be good and be nice to the old even when closed to ordinary fastener. In fact, there is still no evidence that the wine in the bottle with a cork stopper to age better than the closed-ordinary cap which is screwed into.


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