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6 tips for a cleaner kitchen

See how to speed up the cooking and cleaning small culinary empire.

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Even preparing your favorite dishes can become a nightmare when we think of cleaning the kitchen that awaits us. However, with a few tricks for slows cleaning clutter and increase the enjoyment of preparing dishes for friends and family members.

1. Clean while you cook. This is a very important rule for cooking in the home. If you cook in a duet, divide responsibilities so that you are washing the dishes and putting your partner while cooking, or vice versa.

2. Clean dishes while on the stove. This means that the container that you no longer need pour some water while the pan or pot is still warm. It will be easier to remove food residues and dishes easier to clean.

3. Empty the dishwasher at the time. Before you start cooking, make sure that your dishwasher is empty to make room for the dishes that were used in the preparation of it, and you do not plan to wash by hand.

4. Clean the blender. One of the quickest ways to clean the blender is to pour warm water and a little dish soap and turn it to stir the mixture for about a minute, then rinse.

5. Clean tools immediately after use. If cheese grater does not wash now, but so is the entire night, you will later find it hard to clean it and you will lose a lot of time scrubbing the hardened remains of cheese.

6. Wash dishes and clean the kitchen before going to bed. Admit that it is a very nice feeling when you walk into the kitchen to cook a cup of coffee and greet you clean stove and vibrant desk, without residual odor dinner you prepared.


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