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4 fast food myths

Is lettuce from fast food really healthier than hamburgers, is the fast food addictive…


What is it that fast food makes it so attractive? It’s probably a combination of factors – is delicious, the prices are affordable, quick to prepare. If you taking care of your diet, you probably already know that this kind of food is not very well thought of. See if you have the usual claims about healthy food really true or just myths.

Salads from fast food stores are healthier than burgers. This is probably a topic that causes the most controversy. However, did you know that some salads may contain more calories than a medium size pizza? This is mainly because in addition to vegetables and salads containing cheese, meat, olive oil and spices and sauces that can be very caloric. Although most of the salad is healthier than large burgers, all depends on the type of lettuce and its components.

Eating too long a junk food can cause addiction. Conspiracy theory or not, many argue that the large fast food chains use special additives to cause dependency among consumers. The fact is that more and more people food at fast food restaurants, but these are likely to affect other factors rather than some secret ingredients.

Fast food is unhealthy and fattening. This belief is partially true. Moderate consumption of any food will not significantly affect the conclusive increase your body weight. If too frequently visited fast-food restaurants, you can expect to put on a few pounds. Also, even if you eat healthy, moderate physical activity can increase the weight. For weight loss, or weight gain, not only affects the amount of calories ingested, but also many other factors.

All fast food restaurants have excellent sanitary and hygienic conditions. Just because they look impeccably clean, does not mean that all food hygienic.


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