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Why moms need to relax – fight with anxiety

If motherhood is very stressful “work” accompanied by a multitude of worries and anxiety, we bring you a simple and obvious reasons why moms need to relax and forget about anxiety and to the welfare of their own children.

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If you ever hear that anxious mothers bringing up anxious children, know that in the operative part has a lot of truth, and therefore it is very important to talk with yourself and try to relax, both for your own good and for your children.

You have something to worry about, it is a fact, as we all enter into motherhood with very little or no experience, a sudden need to perform the most responsible job in the world, to take care of a living being and carried him to the right path. However, keep in mind that if you are anxious most of the time, you need to slightly reduce your anxiety, excessive worry, because mothers can have a huge impact on children. Here are a few reasons why you should forget about anxiety and elections with it.

Anxiety consumes energy

Sit down and think about how the situation around them you care in the last 24 hours is really a negative outcome? Probably very little, or even no, you spend a lot of mental energy that is needed. Your children need you to be calm when you actually get the real problems and therefore do not spend wasted energy on anxiety unfounded.

Anxiety affects the sincerity

Children have an amazing ability to feel emotional states in between, even when all the forces trying to hide the anxiety your children will understand when you are concerned and that will be a hit. As a result, your children will get the impression that they have to hide feelings and connects that their sincere expression of emotions increase your anxiety which is not good if the children want to have an open relationship without secrets.

Anxiety turns into a baby guardian

Every mother wants her child childhood best in the world, but unfortunately children of that childhood can fully enjoy if they should assume the role of caregiver. If a child realizes that you constantly worry, it will eventually start to worry about you and assume the role of guardian.

Anxiety is selfish

Maybe this seems too harsh and strict, but you will see how much there is truth. Anxious moms are all day thinking what to order, where to go and how they can prevent possible bad situation. Although these are thoughts about children they actually have to do only with my mom and her desire to help you “survive” the present. As a result you will get an anxious mother who can completely ignore the child’s real feelings and needs because it is too preoccupied with her.

It is hereditary

Studies have shown that as many as 65 percent of children who are growing up with anxious mothers tend to become anxious and alone. Although the fault can bring to genes is hard to overlook the fact that it can be taught in the home environment. Try to deal with the anxiety that your child can be taught from your case.

How to help?

No matter what we said, dear mother, do not feel guilty if you have excessive anxiety and worry if they will hand you a sense of guilt lead to even more anxiety. Try to solve the worries of excessive visits with yoga classes or coffee with friends, but ultimately seek professional help.

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