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How to reduce your waistline and keep the bust

Reduce caloric intake to achieve weight loss, but you can not do it drastically. The goal is to reduce fat, and to keep the skin elasticity

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First, determine what is your daily calorie intake and reduce it to 250 daily calorie intake so that you’ll identify five days in a row calculate how many calories you enter, add and divide by five.

Make your diet on nutritional matter and eat every few hours. Choose fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, lean meats, dairy products with low-fat and whole grains because these are the foods that contain high-quality calories and nutritional items.

Eat every two to three hours. Make breakfast the first thing in the morning, and daily meals shall not be plentiful. This will stabilize your appetite and maintain a high level of energy. Bowl of cereal with berries and low-fat milk, salad of tomatoes and sliced ​​turkey breast, roasted salmon with broccoli and brown rice are some of the options that should be included in the daily diet.

Drink water instead of juice. Get out all beverages that contain calories because it will slow the melting of fat around the waist. Water, except that it contains no calories, will give you a feeling of fullness, if you drink it before meals. But if you want a taste of the water you can add a slice of lemon or cucumber.

Try to exercise at least three days a week. The best exercises for stripping fat on stomach are running, swimming, cycling, climbing stairs, or skipping rope. Start light five-minute warming. Then change the level of intensity of exercise, and exercise should last about 45 minutes. Finish with a light relaxation exercise.

Do the exercises to strengthen chest muscles to lift the breasts. Use heavier weights to maximize engaged muscles and do exercises in a variety of poses. Take advantage of every better device that is in the gym.

Tighten your stomach. Focus on the upper and lower abdominal muscles to help improve your overall impression. Tight muscles will create the impression of a thinner waist and skinnier stomach. Lie on the floor and lift your knees toward your chest. Then take a ball, lie down and raise your upper body forward at one and the other. The ball will give stability to maintain balance. Do three to four sets of 15-20 reps. Crunches to work three to four times a week.


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