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Guide to a flat stomach: Laughter, coconut oil and faster abs

Foods rich in fiber, which improves digestion, faster abs, coconut oil, more milk, and eggs, are a recipe for an attractive and beautiful belly without “floaties”.

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Small changes for a flat stomach

If you feel heavy and your stomach looks bloated it’s right time to flatten the stomach, the adoption of little tricks and new eating habits. Sit back, slow down and slowly chew with your mouth closed, to avoid juices and sodas that swell the hose and reduce salt intake because it causes water retention.

Coconut oil for slim waist

Study from Brazilian doctors discovered that women who are for the time the child practiced every day for half an hour, expelled from eating saturated fat and consumed 30 ml coconut oil, have lost more inches around the waist than women who were on rigorous diets. Coconut oil is responsible for this effect because it stimulates digestion and removal of excess water from the body and metabolism.

Faster abs for the formation of muscle

Stomach always looks better if it is tight, and this can only be achieved by practicing primarily sit-ups. While it is good that you are doing any abs, accelerating the pace of activated muscles rather than a larger number of sit-ups. Because the tiles on the belly is worth the rule “less is more, but only if it is faster,” reveals fitness trainers.


Blueberries are an ideal ally of flat stomach, found the study, from University of Michigan. Blueberries can be eaten fresh or frozen, and the best combination of yogurt. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that accelerate calorie burning, speed up blood flow and prevent the accumulation of fat, especially the belly.

Two eggs for breakfast and a flat stomach for dinner

Two boiled eggs are a great breakfast with a nutritional point of view, because they provide the body the necessary nutrients, and most importantly, a sense of fullness and swelling. In addition, the proteins in eggs does not cause the accumulation of fat, so it is good to eat if your goal is to reduce waist circumference.

More laughter for a smaller stomach

Depression and stress are closely linked to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen depriving it of a regular diet. Therefore, there is a sudden drop in blood sugar, and binge eating, which promotes deposition of fat on the waist. This kind of fat is hardest to lost, and instead of worrying invite friends to socialize and have a dose of laughter, which strengthens the abdominal muscles.


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