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Healthy diet for teenagers

Small hints for our teenagers: Lose weight healthy, avoid starvation!


Most high school students want to lose weight. However, it is often very tend starvation of, and not changing their diet. It is important to know that nothing is achieved by starvation. When you starve, your metabolism slows down fat burning because it does not know when it will get food again, and renew your energy, so it is kept.

Weight loss should not be an obsession. Certainly do not count calories. And in no case you should think of vomiting the food you eat so you do not develop bulimia or anorexia.

Keep our short but important hints. And remember: HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!

Plan ahead meal

In the morning before school take something to eat. In this way, you will immediately accelerate your metabolism. For breakfast we suggest:

  • toast with honey, for example
  • banana
  • cereal with milk
  • any fruit

Do not be embarrassed to prepare yourself healthy sandwiches for school. Fast food is not the best choice for weight loss or for your health. Additives have a negative impact on the digestive system and include various types of sugars that are calorie and have no way meaning to your health. dial:

  • wholemeal bread
  • chicken, turkey
  • vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc..) …

In the afternoon when you get hungry, try not to reach for the candy. Instead, eat:

  • yogurt
  • fruit (apples, pears, raspberries, …)
  • nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, …)

The evening should be rich in protein and carbohydrates. So that during the late evening would not hungry. For example, you can save the steak and cook some vegetables. Pay attention to serving size. Eat a steak, not more.

Drink only water!

Cut out soda. Drink as much water as the body consumes extra energy while heating up a glass of water you drink to body temperature. If you do not drink water constantly, we recommend green tea.

Practise and get moving

Although you may not like physical, though your best in exercises that you do. Proper diet and exercise go hand in hand. If you have a healthy diet, but if you do not exercise, no results, and vice versa.

If you don’t like to exercise alone, invite a friend or friends. In this way, exercise will become more fun and support you with each other. Training should last from half an hour to an hour.

Get some sleep!

A sufficient amount of sleep is very important for weight loss. You need to sleep 8 hours a night, but you can not afford and afternoon naps. During sleep, the body can supply a sufficient amount of energy they consume later on burning calories.

For the end:

  • Try to plan the day. When you eat, exercise, sleep, study. This will greatly facilitate the matter.
  • Do not eat out of boredom!
  • You can work out every other day, even the results are better than exercise every day.
  • More time walking than at computer or TV.
  • Do not check weight every day.


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