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6 reasons to run your fitness diary

You do not want to be unprepared in a summer days, so we recommend that you have this season a fitness diary. You are mistaken if you think that you can not be yourself a personal trainer. With the help of notebook, pen and a few helpful tips, alone, you can put your form in order.

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1.You will discover your habits

Recording behavior during training affects your better understand of your needs. More frequently and with greater ease you will work exercises in which you really enjoy, and therefore will be more efficient and closer to the ideal line. Recording your exercise routine will reveal the way in which you do the exercises and in what order. This can be a great indicator of whether your recreation or correct the result is better if you make some changes. Watch your habits in fitness and throw them down on paper!

2. You will be responsible

Hard work and discipline-will become your motto. You will be persistent in coaching, if the fitness diary keep track of how many times a week you exercise. If you know that you are by nature lazy, bomb the shit out yourself reminders that exercise should be on your agenda. The effect will be even greater when you paper help you to see how certain exercises have raised your buttocks or reduce fat. Then the responsibility starts with your desire to love this spring in his body!

3. You will get rid of the frustration

Nerves seemed to go hand in hand with the modern way of life. The easiest way to get rid of frustration is to channel all the bad vibes through fitness. Exercise is the best way to lose excessive negative energy, especially if you have a job where you do not move a lot. Do not forget that the reason for your stress can be a bad result that is achieved by irregular exercise or poor selection of exercises. So follow your own notes to each day with a smile on your face!

4. You will improve nutrition

Regularly you don’t write what you eat, in what quantities and how often. Hidden calories that you have accumulated, and you have not had a chance to register them, will alert you to change your diet and enter a healthy diet. The thickness need not be the only problem. Notes can help you revise irregular meals and eat more often. If “slacking off” the training or feel that the body barely moving, ask yourself what is wrong with your diet, and find the answer in a fitness journal. Put your meals on the test!

5 .You will control the hydration

How much fluid you need to know the best day of your body. And you learn to listen. Therefore, a parallel – in the diary that was doing the same workout if you use up to a maximum of training with a lot of fluids or when dosed drinking a bottle of water. The liquid is certainly a source of strength in the training, which corresponds to the amount your body will know if you follow the reaction of the body during exercise. Check that water works for you!

6. You will follow your motivation

Is there a better way to identify your stress than to write them? Decline concentration, excessive emotionality and aggression will be more understandable if you’ve had a difficult week and sleepless nights. Write down what was the cause of this condition and that will help you to fight stress. Improve fitness program – be your own psychologist!


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