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The consequence of sitting: All flatter butt

The muscles of the back atrophy of the seating so that the thighs and buttocks are joined in one like flatter butt, which is due to the lack of muscle tone

women-lying-in-bed- flatter butt

Fitness experts say that the buttocks are becoming less attractive part of the body due to sitting on the job, as at home, and this phenomenon is so widespread that the transition between the thighs and butt are almost there.

The muscles of the back side are so atrophied that the thighs and buttocks are merge into one, as a consequence of the lack of muscle tone, and not flat buttocks, which, frankly, has always been and that will always be. These muscles are very important because they help in lifting, standing and moving, and the only reason why they are so underdeveloped is excessive sitting, which was otherwise very bad for health.

How does you butt stays round and firm? The recipe is very simple – more movement and exercise (especially squats) and less sitting and lying!


Photo by Lies Thru a Lens / CC BY

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