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Discontinuous sleep impairs health!

Rest is the priority of people who sleep, but often are awake during the night are feeling the same symptoms as those people who slept only four hours, that is why experts warn that the problem needs to be reported to the doctor

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Although it has long been known that a good night’s sleep is important, scientists are now proving that human health is not just a bad with a few hours of sleep or not sleep at all, but interrupted sleep can have a bad effect on many processes in the body. The research conducted at the University in Cleveland found that those people who wake up several times a night have significantly impaired concentration and memory, but the feel and other health problems.

The study involved 61 young people and all those tested in so-called aktigraph, a device similar to wristwatch, which monitors their sleep. Respondents were sleeping through the night without harassment, and the next morning they carried out several tasks for the assessment of cognitive abilities and a survey with which it was assessed their mood. Other nights sleep was stopped by ringing phone. Some were then forced to perform tasks, while others continued to sleep until the next morning and done what was needed.

After dinner, interrupted sleep, participants in the study had problems with concentration and were sad. The researchers came to the conclusion that they are in broken sleep to function just as bad as those who slept only four hours.

The intermittent sleep affect concentration and memory. You probably think that this is expected, but previous studies have not this way at the effect of interrupted sleep. People who have interrupted sleep slowly respond, have trouble concentrating, making decisions, often suffer from depression and feel more pain, and it is possible that their blood pressure jumps.


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