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How to exit from the hair salon happy: 5 Essential Steps for sexy hair!

This is the point where the dream all women when they step into a hair salon hairdressers finishes his work, he turns you on the chair towards the mirror, you see your character and marveled as it looks – sexy. This scene from the dream can turn into reality after these six steps that will lead you to the most seductive hairstyles that you can imagine.

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Step 1

Find a master of his craft

Finding a good hairdresser is like meeting “blind”: the key is in the recommendation. And so when you see a girl with the perfect hair, do not hesitate to ask her whose hand work. Be choosy – take her recommendation only if she goes to the same hairdresser for a year.

Step 2

Channel their desires

Hairdressers have magical powers, but they are not clairvoyant. Be prepared to explain exactly what it seems to crave. Would not it help you find the inspiration we suggest … Browse the magazine. When clients make a picture of the famous stars of the style you would like, it may be a good guideline. Flatter yourselves. Seductive hairstyle can highlight your best facial features. Explain the hairdresser what you want to attract attention, such as the eyes or neck. Choose a suitable outfit. If you want a seductive hairstyle do not go to the hairdresser in sweats. Instead, highlight your wardrobe sexy side.

Step 3

“Cut my end (but few)”

To the hairdresser and his scissors under control … Bring out the “work plan”. If a clear idea of ​​what you want, you will help prevent any misunderstandings between you and your hairdresser. Be open. If you notice that a haircut is not going in the right direction, say out loud. It is much easier to make corrections during cutting, not after.

Step 4

Extra tips for your hair type

What characterizes a sexy hairstyle? “It’s great, healthy strands falling around her face, and a volume of” play “in every movement of the head,” says New York City hairstylist Harry Josh. His regular customers Gisele Bundchen wears this style perfectly. Here’s how to apply it no matter what the quality of the hair you have:

Thin and flat

The best option for you is a bit disheveled appearance. Hairdressers it achieved special scissors for texture to create a “jaggy” section that will eventually give “life”. Small note: If you have less than 165 cm a length of hair does not exceed the shoulder. Otherwise, it will act as if you are “drawn” to the country. Whatever length hair had avoid a straight look with Shampoo.

Slightly wavy

“Loose curls are sexy, period,” says hairstylist Katia Solano. We will not contradict her. Solano recommends a little wild, tousled waves that reach the shoulders (and slightly curved on the outside). This effect is achieved by making the ends of the hair cut at an angle and are of unequal length in order to create the effect of turbulent clumps. To make your hair extra shiny, spray the spray shine.

Thick and curly

To “shattered” by the weight and density of this curly hair maintain its length, but do not forget to shorten and fashion parts from time to time. It will provide a “sparkle” and prevent hair to look strict and “blocky”. Do you have the guts for something different? Try afro hairstyle. “There is nothing so sexy as a well-shaped afro hairstyle that frames the face,” says hairstylist Enzo Angileri.

Step 5

Flirt with bangs

A few strokes with scissors and your bangs will be amazing. Bangs that go to the page are definitely the sexiest because they suit any face shape. Avoid their (and your face) is strictly set by will cut them “jaggy” and not straight across the forehead. Forget the short bangs like those possessed porcelain dolls. The smallest clump should be touching the tops of the eyebrows, and all the others to be longer.

Bangs require to be profiled in every four to six weeks. After all, you’ll know it’s time to trim them when they started to “interfere” with your views.

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