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Beer in the service of beauty: Fight against acne, makes skin radiant and gives the hair shine!

This sparkling drink amazing contribution to your beauty, and even helps in the fight against wrinkles

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Beer in addition to one of the most popular summer alcoholic drinks, but it is more than that – it can also help you look better.

We present you a few ways that this popular, sparkling drink can help you look great.

Fight against wrinkles

Yeast which is used in the manufacture of beer is an unexpected power imperfections. The list of ingredients most anti-wrinkle cream you’ll find it called adenosine triphosphate (adenosine triphosphate). The aforementioned ingredient is highly effective at “ironing” wrinkles.

Fight against acne

Sediments beer (brewer’s yeast) can help in cases of acne by slowing down sebum production and eliminating the bacteria that cause the formation of acne. The main ingredient of beer is known as a great tool in maintaining the pH balance of the skin at an optimal level.

Radiant skin

When applied topically, beer can clean complexion, heal peeling skin and make the skin smooth and all thanks to pantothenic acids and vitamins that it contains.

Softens heels

B complex vitamins, minerals and yeast that beer contains can soften calluses on your heels. For these purposes, it is best to use a darker version, because they contain more antioxidants, nutrients and proteins that help to “work” on the heels make it easier.

Gives hair shine

In addition to B vitamins, proteins found in malt and hops help restore damaged hair so she can add volume. Meanwhile, maltose and sucrose in this popular drink give the hair a beautiful shine.


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