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Anti-cellulite diet 7 days

Cellulite should not be considered as a cosmetic error because it is not – it is a real disease fat cells accumulated a few millimeters below the skin. Use effective methods to combat them.

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Cellulite is a problem faced by 80% of women. Pads and pads, popularly known as “orange peel” that appear on the thighs, hips, upper arms, buttocks and legs indiscriminately. The fact that the struggle with cellulite, even the very young girls, and both his wives are subject to the ideal line, those with overweight or skinny. It has long been considered the type of cellulite obesity, thanks to the research, revealed the true nature of cellulite.

The word “cellulitis” medical means inflammation of the connective tissue under the skin. But when it comes to cellulite, it’s not an infection, but the disease fat cells, accumulated a few millimeters below the skin. Although the causes of this disease seems manifold, all have a common ground – changed the relationship between blood flowing blood vessels and fluid in the intercellular spaces in the tissue.

Four stages

Cellulite occurs gradually and unnoticed and never just one species in all parts of the body.

Phase 1 – is characterized by high fluid retention (edema) in intercellular  areas. The skin on the outside yet smooth, and the pressure of the finger remains a spring which disappears after a few seconds.

Phase 2 – Cellulite has been going on for years. The skin becomes softer and more relaxed, the pressure of your finger leaves a visible mark, although it is not painful. Under the fingers can be felt in small lumps.

Phase 3 – The skin takes on a look of “orange peel” and the bumps are clearly visible and free of finger pressure. The skin is cold, stains, painful to the touch, as if he had lost sensitivity.

Phase 4 – The skin loses its elasticity and takes on the characteristic appearance of a “mattress” – visible and recesses and projections except as nodules we find the parts of a buildup of fluid. But light pressure on the place causing bruising.

Healthy life and little tricks
Cellulite can easily unnoticed ancestors in advanced degrees, and then it is much harder to cure. So, how to prevent it? Healthy lifestyle and little tricks.

Fruits and vegetables and water

The diet should be varied, with some calorie foods (sugar, pastries, grease, etc.) and high in fiber (bread and pasta than from complete grains), fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils, which contain plenty of vitamins A, E, C, K.

Water and salt

Food should be less brine and drink at least 2 liters a day, throughout the day.


Every day a little gymnastics and movement is useful for where the muscles, no fat. Half an hour of walking a day is the easiest way to improve circulation in the legs and prevent cellulite. Excellent is cycling, swimming, running at a moderate pace, pace.


No you can not avoid sitting for a long time (for work, for example) should wear comfortable shoes or orthopedic clogs. Clothes that tightens as shorts and Unitards with too heavy rubber around the legs, tight jeans pants, belts, suspenders thighs and bras whose straps cut into the skin, inhibits proper blood flow and thus promotes the formation of cellulite.


Elastic support stockings calf muscles and thighs, and thus facilitate circulation in the veins. Good for those who spend the whole day or just standing or just sitting and weakened due to the circulation of the evening feeling the weight and pain in the legs.

Lard ‘listen’ command, cellulite-not

Fat on the hips, stomach, buttocks and thighs, cellulite is not always, as it is usually thought of a layer of fat between skin and muscle. But one of the fat in “strategic” areas of the female body, while others are lumps of cellulite. What’s the difference? In a cluster of fat, fat cells are healthy and react to incentives metabolism. Store and release fat droplets respecting orders that receive nerve and blood through. When it comes to cellulite, fat cells trapped connective fibers and soaked with water from the blood vessels degenerate and become inert fat pads are unable to respond to changes in incentives matter.

What to eat

Dieting for weight loss does not affect the appearance of cellulite. It is not enough just to watch your calories and lose some weight. Diet must be healthy, balanced and diverse, and found to be as simple as possible dishes.

Green light

Fruits, vegetables, bread and pasta than from complete grains, yoghurt, cheese, skim milk, legumes, fish, water, white meat, fruit and vegetables.

Yellow light

Pastries, red meat, butter, dried fruit, coffee and tea, grease, vegetable oil, whole milk, ice cream, eggs, refined grains, cheeses, dietary salt, aromatic herbs, wine.

Red light

Cold meats, canned food, salt, salty snacks, fried potatoes, hamburgers, fried foods, cream, bechamel sauce, candied fruits, jams, cakes with chocolate, fatty meats.


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