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Aloe vera smoothie for detoxification and beautiful skin

We all know how healthy aloe vera is, in most cases it’s used for skin and hair care because it is known as one of the best natural “anti-age” ingredients. Today we bring you a recipe for awesome smoothie from aloe vera to help detoxify the body and eleminate inflammatory processes.

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Consumption of natural, pure aloe vera gel promotes the production of collagen in the body and strengthen the body’s ability to fight off harmful toxins that we are exposed to every day, as well as inflammation. Aloe vera cleanses your whole body, inside and out, and it will be the first place to see on your skin that will remain clean, smooth and toned.

In addition, using aloe vera can be solved all the toxins from the intestines, which will in some way refresh and rejuvenate your body. Aloe vera has a high concentration of minerals, amino acids and vitamins, and belongs to the plant with a very strong anti-inflammatory properties. Phenomenal is to improve digestion, treatment in constipation and elimination of toxins especially if consumed on a daily basis.

The easiest way to aloe vera include in the daily diet is to add it to your morning smoothie. Also it is advisable to consume fresh form and therefore look for fresh green leaves that you will keep in the fridge. That the leaves are fresh you will see the white areas and gel that leaks out of them when they are exceeded.

We bring you a recipe for aloe vera smoothie for detoxification and skin care.


  • 1 leaf aloe vera
  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 1 cup of the chopped fresh pineapple kckice
  • 2-3 drops of liquid stevia

First clean the leaves of the small spines on both sides but the leaves cut into several smaller parts. Remove the upper part of the crust with a sheet and you’ll see all the richness of the gel which is in hiding. Turn the sheet and remove the crust and on the other hand, it but make sure that the gel does not leak.

Thus prepared put sheets into the blender along with the other ingredients, turn on and allow it to turn into a smoothie without pieces. Drink immediately after waking up, then once again in the afternoon for at least one hour before a meal. It is important to drink a smoothie on an empty stomach.

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