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You can not repeat them: Mistakes in makeup that make you up to 15 years older!

Dark lipsticks make lips smaller and unnatural glow that creates a shimmering blush, immediately discard it.

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Besides they know to make a mistake with colors, exaggerate blush or choose inadequate shade of powder, all in order to look as beautiful and young, women often make mistakes when make-up and thus they are visually adding years.

“Some of the most common errors are wearing dark lipstick with blue undertones, which visually reduces the lips and makes cold” – says makeup artist Molly R. Stern.

To avoid this undesirable effect, always choose shades that will highlight the lips and visually increase them.

Georgie Eisdell, makeup artist actress Carey Mulligan, in particular warns to keep loose powder, because it highlights the strongest irregularities on the face and wrinkles.

“In particular, avoid the eye area, but if it does not, you can not loose powder, apply a thin layer, so you do not get uneven complexion” – Georgie advised, adding that the best alternative is to put a little bit of bronze or translucent powder.

Shimmering shadows and sequins let to the girls, because these textures are adding years and emphasize wrinkles.

“Choose for yourself matte shadows and sparkly you can only put in the middle of the eyelid and the inner corner” – advises makeup artist of Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman, Pati Dubroff.

If you have in your vanity case sparkly blush or highlighter, discard or give away! These products creep into every pore of your skin and maximum stress what ever you want to hide, and there’s that ugly, artificial glow.

“For a natural glow you need to moisturize your face and it after makeup spray fixation” – explains Tama, a popular makeup artist Alexa Chung.

What also should be noted, are lipsticks with a dense texture. These lipsticks make the lips thinner, so if you have more than 25 years, he will “throw” an additional 15!

“Dial airy texture lighter colors. Reapply them with your fingers to achieve a fuller set of lips” – advises Fiona Steels, makeup artist actress Jennifer Garner.


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