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Banana Diet: Lose weight with your favorite fruit

Nutritionists say that the banana diet is a very flexible way to improve physical fitness and lose weight. Popularity was originally acquired in Japan in 2008 when it was discovered that in this way you can actually lose weight. Main characteristic of this diet is eating bananas and drinking water at room temperature. Diet is very simple and easy to follow.

banana diet

If you choose this diet you will need to eat as much as you like banana combined with room temperature water for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner you don’t have any restrictions. You can eat one or more bananas between meals and in addition are not allowed any sweets. Also, the rule is that after eight o’clock in the evening you should not eat anything and you have to go to sleep before midnight.

This morning banana diet is based on Japanese Asa banana diet popularized by Hitoshi Watanabe who has tried a diet at the urging of women and thus lost 16.8 pounds. Following this diet has become a hit in Japan, so that traders were not able to obtain as much bananas as much as was needed.

Example dietary plan

  • Breakfast: One or more bananas (as many as you want) and a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Lunch: dish of your choice.
  • Afternoon snack: small sweet snack is allowed about three o’clock in the afternoon if you are hungry.
  • Dinner: A dish of your choice, or you have to eat before eight o’clock in the evening.
  • Skip the sweets.

What is behind the banana diet

There are several theories that explain why this diet may be effective when it comes to weight loss. Some of the most common theories are:

Bananas are co-enzymes that accelerate the process of digestion and reduce the time it takes to intestinal digestion of food. As a result we get accelerated metabolism that helps us lose weight.

Bananas contain resistant starches that prolong the feeling of satiety, and proved that the starch is fermented in the intestines and stimulates fat burning.

When it comes to lukewarm water, scientists have not yet discovered what is its role, and many believe that it is recommended as it improves digestion and reduces hunger. In addition, glass of water in combination with a banana eliminates problems with constipation.

The main rules of the diet

  • For breakfast, eat a banana and drink lukewarm water.
  • For lunch, eat whatever you want, but it is recommended that it not be ii fried fast food.
  • Afternoon snack is allowed about three hours in the afternoon, of course it should not be sweets and salty snacks.
  • Do not eat after eight o’clock in the evening.
  • Go to bed before midnight.
  • Dairy products and alcohol are prohibited during the diet, and the only drink that did not drink lukewarm water.
  • Too intense training sessions are not recommended, but it would be on a daily basis to hold a leisurely walk.

Possible bad side of this diet

Although very effective this diet with you can pull some unwanted consequences, and one of the problems is that it can lead to irregular meals. On the other hand, since you are left to choose what you eat for lunch and dinner it is possible to enter more than the required calories likewise breakfast made up of pure carbohydrates does not suit everyone especially those who suffer from hypoglycemia.

This diet also completely ignores the psychological factor involved in holding a diet, a drawback is it does not encourage exercise.

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