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Tips on how not to gain weight during the holidays

If you are the whole year were really disciplined, you exercised regularly, ate healthy and watch every few thousand calories then it would really be a shame to lose it all for the sake of a few days enjoying the drink during the holidays. Do not you? We bring you the very useful advice on how to avoid weight gain during the holidays.

holidays weight

With a strong will and a good plan of January you can go without a few extra pounds with whom you will fight in February. It’s all a matter of will, good organization and the goals that you set, we are here to help you with advice.

Make a plan and set goals

If you have an exact plan of diet and exercise do not forgot even during the holidays. Exercise regularly and enjoy the festive delicacies while respecting the rules of your diet. This does not mean that you eat rice in the water while others enjoy the delicious roasts and salads. You need the small changes and modifications.

Smart deceived

Allow yourself to enjoy all the wonders that are commonly used for holidays, but watch portions, do not overdo the quantity. Also, do not take the thought of how you should relax because the holidays. It would be better to cheat a little bit throughout the year than to overeat and overuse that month.

Be active every day

If during the holidays do not have time to run the standard training then try to move at least 30 minutes a day. Let it be a brisk walk, run or some intense exercises that you can do at home without special devices. If you are going during the holiday shortened training time, do not give up weight lifting since muscles help in burning calories. You would rather renounce cardio exercises and focus on aerobic exercises involving weights.

A balanced intake of nutrients

Do not fully eject any food group from use because you’ll be constantly hungry and you eat and when there is no any need. When you are hungry, eat a combination of protein and vegetables that will satiate the best.

Limit the use of alcohol

Our recommendation to you is to eat a cookie rather than to drink a glass of wine more. Excessive alcohol intake plays an important role in weight gain.

Drink plenty of water

In most cases they overeat because you are on the verge of dehydration and thirst. Drink plenty of water will help to create a sense of satiety, you hydrated and you will eat less.

Eat regularly

If during the preparation of the festive feast skip meals you threaten disaster. Regardless of the amount of work you have to do is make sure that you eat regularly.

Cut out unhealthy snacks from home

Never make a supply of sweets and unhealthy snacks especially if you plan to spend much time in the kitchen.

Brush your teeth before meals

Maybe it sounds funny, but this trick will help reduce your appetite and you will not eat the amount of food as usual.

Put on your favorite tight dress to celebrate New Year or Christmas

If you store on New Year’s Eve or Christmas party, then put on one of your favorite dresses and tight pants that you are like a glove. In this case you will watch how much you eat to be able to breathe freely. This is the last one extreme advice if any advice for self-control does not work.

We wish you happy holidays!

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