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How dry prunes affect bone health

In the past year on the Internet is circulating a recipe for “miracle cure” for the pain in his back, which consists only of dried fruit, and we explored what impact have dried fruit, particularly prunes on bone health.

dry prunes

According to research conducted at the University of Florida, prune is one of the healthiest fruits when it comes to bone health. We all know that most fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are good for our bones, but prunes that definitely stand out. Prunes compared to other fruits can actually improve bone density and change the amount of alkali phosphate contained in bones.

It has been proven that this fruit has the ability to change in bone mineral density in women in the period after menopause.

Until now it was known that prunes rich in calcium and vitamin D, but now discovered a new mineral that improves bone health.

Why you should eat prunes

During the research at the University of Florida scientists have investigated the effect of prunes on the health of the animals first, and later the people.

The result was more than positive especially when it comes to women whose bone after three months of testing were much healthier and stronger, and the research was then continued for a whole year.

The study included 100 women who have just gone through menopause, none of them did not use any drugs for bone health, steroids or calcium supplements, but does not include women who have chronic bone diseases or are heavy smokers. Neither could they participate women who regularly consumed prunes or prune juice.

The women were divided into two groups, one woman was eating 10 prunes a day, whole day for one year, and due to their laxative effect of the diet they should be introduced gradually. Another group of women ate about 75 grams of dried apples, which have the same number of calories, carbohydrates, fat and fiber as 100 g plums. Both groups were consumed next to of fruit and vitamin D supplements and calcium. Having compared the results turned out to women who ate prunes recorded better result.

Why should eat 10 dried plums daily

  • It increased bone density that will improve mobility and alleviate pain.
  • Health and durability of the spine and the bones of the forearm will be at a high level, and the risk of injuries and fractures small.
    Maintaining body weight. In addition to bone health prunes because of its laxative effects and help maintain a healthy body weight and prevent weight gain.
  • They are rich in vitamins C, E and phytochemicals very important for bone health.
  • Prunes have anti-inflammatory properties which is just another reason why they are so good for bone health.
  • Improvement of bone bio-markers. After regular intake of prunes bio-markers that indicate bone mineral density will be much better and more positive.
  • Regardless of all the results that gave this research one thing is certain, if you ate every day 10 prunes the health of your bones will not deteriorate and no bone loss is not recorded at any of the 100 participating in the survey, which is very important information.

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