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Morning ritual: Before breakfast three cups of water for a healthier life!

Drink water, because, water is the source of life. Let it wake your body every morning

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The Japanese are a nation that are someone who has a culture of healthy living habits. Most of them start the morning with a glass of fresh water. Many studies have confirmed the benefits of this practice.

If you drink water every morning when you wake up and on an empty stomach it will help to cure or limit certain diseases such as heart disease, epilepsy, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections, diabetes, vision problems, etc..

Morning ritual with water

  • when you wake up, before brushing teeth, drink three glasses of water per 200 ml
  • do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes
  • after the “break” you can have breakfast
  • after each meal or drink anything for at least two hours
  • older people who can not stand to drink water on an empty stomach should start with a small amount of water, ie. as much as you can stand it. This dose should be increased gradually until you reach the desired amount of liquid.

This habit could help many health problems you may have, but also helps to reduce body weight, improve complexion and restore lost energy.

This ritual of drinking water can be practiced constantly, but if you have any serious health problems, follow these steps:

If you have high blood pressure use this ritual with water 30 consecutive days.
Gastritis – drink water in this manner for 10 days.
Diabetes – a ritual lasts 30 days.


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