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Which beverages your brain likes?

Those beverages are healthy and delicious!

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There are drinks that will make your mental health and cognitive function do better. In addition to being effective, these drinks are delicious and you will enjoy.

Green tea

Medicinal properties of green tea are more or less known to all, but Chinese scientists have found that green tea contains compounds that help in the regeneration of brain cells.

Red wine

All we know is good for the heart and cardiovascular health, a study has shown that red wine encourages the growth of neurons. However, the key is moderation because red wine contains alcohol and excessive drinking can have a negative effect on your brain.


In addition to tea, coffee is the most popular beverage the world. Many a morning without coffee are not able to start the day. In addition to the current sense of alertness, coffee has long-term positive effect on your brain. Improves memory and reflexes. Caffeine stimulates parts of the brain that are responsible for concentration and memory. It also protects the occurrence of various diseases of the nervous system.


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