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Why is it important for men to exercise regularly?

It is normal with aging blood pressure levels to increased gradually.

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Year after year a growing number of middle-aged men suffer from high blood pressure. It is normal aging blood pressure levels increased gradually, but in this way increases the risk of developing a number of health problems.

The findings, published in the journal American College of Cardiologists reveal that men who exercise regularly are starting elevation of blood pressure feel considerably later.

The study included 14,000 men aged 20 to 90 years. Scientists have their health monitored over a period of 36 years. They divided them into groups according to their level of physical activity: low, moderate and high.

Scientists have found that men who were in the group of high physical activity had a lower risk of developing high blood pressure, compared to their peers from other groups.

Also, physically active men are starting with an increase in the level of blood pressure face a little later, compared to their peers who are not physically active.

Physically active men had a lower percentage of body fat in the body and lower cholesterol levels, a higher percentage of muscle tissue.


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