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Why do you need to sleep on the left side?

Quality sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Maybe you think that sleeping position plays no role when it comes to sleep quality and state of health, but you are wrong.

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If you do not have a habit of sleeping on the left side of the body, so try to get used to rely on a pillow or put a tennis ball under the back. This will prevent you lie on your back.

Relieves heartburn

Sleeping on the left side of the body can help all the people who have problems with heartburn after meals. Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side relieves the symptoms of heartburn, while sleeping on the right side worse.

Stops snoring

Most often people who snore sleep on their backs, and at least those who sleep on their left side. Snoring itself is not dangerous to health, but it definitely impairs the quality of sleep of others. Sleeping on the left side of the body is recommended to all persons who suffer from sleep apnea, a disease for which patients breathing stops during sleep several times.

Stimulates the digestive system

Although this may surprise you, working digestive system largely depends on your sleep habits. San poor quality and lack of sleep impair the operation of the digestive system, increase the risk of bloating and constipation. Sleeping on the left side to the stomach and pancreas to remain in a natural position, but also facilitates the passage of toxins through the colon.

Improves heart health

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body, and sleep on the left side of the body can do wonders in terms of health and functioning of the heart. When you sleep on your left side improves the flow of lymph, which frees the heart.

It stimulates the lymphatic system

Although most people do not pay much attention to the lymphatic system and lymph nodes, they are very important. Experts point out that the left side of the body is dominated by the lymphatic system while sleeping on the left side encourages the elimination of toxins and waste, and themselves lymph flow.

It stimulates blood circulation

Improved blood circulation means a better flow of nutrients and oxygen to every cell of the body. If you have problems with varicose veins, experts definitely recommend sleeping on your left side, because that way you will reduce the pressure on the largest vein in the body, which is located on the right side of the body.

It stimulates blood flow to the fetus

Pregnant women are particularly recommended for sleep on the left side of the body. In addition to thus alleviate heartburn and indigestion, it will also boost blood flow to the fetus. Better blood flow to the fetus will reduce the risk of congenital disorders and difficulties.

Relieves back pain

People who often have problems with back pain should as often as sleeping on your side, but it is recommended to sleep on the left side. This will alleviate the pressure on the spine. In fact, whatever position you choose, avoid sleeping on your back.

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