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Allergies, vitamin deficiency and 3 things they say about our oral health

Lips can be attributed to a lot more things than just a kiss. Lips and oral mucosa can give a lot of information about our general and oral health.

Shooting lips could mean that we lack of vitamins or have angular cheilitis, while dry lips could mean that you are dehydrated and you need water.

Creating herpes on your lip can mean that there has been a weakening of our immune system, but it is only one of several things that say the lips.

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1. Allergy

Swollen lips? Maybe you just try a new kind of lipstick mouth or you eat something you’re allergic. Swelling of the lips is a sign of allergic reactions. The first time mouth look larger than usual and tingling. But if you soon start to look like a duck, go to the doctor. If the cause is food, there will be no watery eyes, itchy skin or hives.

2. Lack of vitamin

Trying to eat healthy, so you can easily happen to miss some nutrients. Sometimes a lack of vitamin pointing to your lips.

If they suddenly dry or painful rupture appears in the corners, maybe you lack iron, zinc, vitamin B3 and B6. Perhaps the blame diet and add a bit of red meat in the diet because red meat is the richest source of zinc and iron.

If you do not eat, take salmon, eggs and leafy green vegetables. If you suspect the lack of any vitamin, because your lips are constantly dry, ask your doctor and make blood test.

3. Brooling

Increased salivation may be the reason for the painful cracks at the corners of the lips called angular cheilitis. If you grind your teeth or have salivation, moisture may be prevented in the corners of the lips while you sleep and lead to fungal infections. Fungi that grow during the night can cause sensitive skin to break.

4. Herpes

If you have increased stress, there are chances that you will appear herpes on your lip. When you’re exhausted, anxious, nervous, increasingly, without energy and overworked, it may appear herpes. This is a sign that your immune system is compromised. Appears if you have a cold or menstruation.

5. Water

Maybe the cold air is not the only cause that your mouth is dry. Probably the problem is in the internal hydration. If you are too much under the sun, but do not drink enough water, it is possible that you are dehydrated. Dehydration is shown on the lips. This is easily solvable, just drink plenty of water.

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