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Can conflicts cause flu?

Certainly you should not ignore the symptoms of a heart attack, so do not ignore stress, sadness or anger.

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According to a new survey, whose results were published in German Nev Medicine, the risk of influenza is significantly dependent on current events in your life. Handwashing and increased intake of vitamin C can help prevent, but it is not all that matters.

Scientists have found that there are two basic stages of disease – active conflict phase and the phase of healing. Most research focuses on the second stage because at this stage leads to the onset of symptoms, such as runny nose, cough and high fever.

In the active conflict phase body reacts to external stimuli. This can be a negative experience, such as job loss, conflict with fellow persons or excessive stress levels. Scientists explain this in a way that the body, when it encounters a stressful situation, it immediately goes into a state of defense. If you are in this state for too long, there is a recovery phase and the onset of symptoms of influenza.

Recovery phase usually occurs in one of two ways. The first way is that to solve the problem that you are experiencing. Once you solve it, the body begins to recover. Another way is that the body becomes so exhausted and symptoms begin to appear.

Even if you start feeling good, it is likely that you are still in active conflict phase. This is why we need to listen to the body and understand that emotions are those that affect the health of the whole body. Certainly not to ignore the symptoms of a heart attack, so do not ignore stress, sadness or anger.

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