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Symptoms of allergy to gluten

You feel tired, often suffer from headaches, and your digestive system is unpredictable? Maybe you feel and other symptoms such as rashes, dandruff or a bad mood? You may be trying to conceive, but just do not go?


You have already heard of gluten and to an increasing number of people are completely ceases to consume gluten, so you are asked if you are allergic to gluten?
Maybe it is. In fact, there are 5 different types of allergies to gluten and each of them has specific signs and symptoms. However, a large number of signs and symptoms are the same for all types of allergies to it.

Of course, an allergy to gluten may not be the reason why you feel these symptoms. There are numerous other possible causes. If you noticed how you present at most of the symptoms, it does not hurt to consult with a physician or nutritionist and try to start a gluten-free diet.

The dysfunctional digestion

Not all people who are allergic to gluten, feel this symptom, but this is definitely one of the most common symptoms. You may notice that they often suffer from diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, abdominal pain, bloating and gas.

If you have these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you suffer from an allergy to gluten. Similar symptoms do not occur and the lactose allergy. However, it is important to notify your doctor.


People who are allergic to gluten have a higher risk of developing various types of rashes. One of the most rash dermatitis herpetiformis, which occurs in 25% of people who suffer from allergies to gluten. Two other forms of rash keratosis pilaris (“chicken skin”) and chronic urticaria are also more likely to occur in people who suffer from allergies to gluten.

Of course, not every rash caused by gluten. However, if you notice a rash does not go against all types of treatment, consider whether the food potential cause.

Lack of concentration

Do you feel listless and bad? Have you noticed that you are able to do basic obligations to end? Perhaps this is due to an allergy to gluten. Difficulties in concentration and short-term memory problems are a symptom of all forms of allergy to gluten.

Difficulties with concentration and memory does not mean that you are allergic to gluten, there are many other conditions that can cause it. However, if you notice a few symptoms of allergy to gluten, it is possible that this is about.


Most people occasionally suffers from headaches. However, allergies to gluten can cause frequent headaches. One study found that as many as 56% of people who are allergic to gluten suffer from chronic headaches.

It is already known intolerance to certain foods can cause headaches and migraines, so it is very likely that the submission of gluten has the same effect.

Depression and anxiety

Numerous studies have shown a correlation between an allergy to gluten and occurrence of depression and anxiety. People who are allergic to gluten often report that they feel depressed and uneasiness. Children may be irritable and nervous.
If you suffer from depression, anxiety or irritability, be sure to consult your doctor. Maybe the problem is not the cause of an allergy to gluten.

Difficulty conceiving

There is a strong association between infertility and allergies to gluten. Both men and women who are allergic to gluten often they struggle with infertility. Although it is not supported by concrete scientific evidence, all scientists is clear that there is a connection.

If your infertility is caused by an allergy to gluten, the good news is that it will solve the cessation of intake of gluten.


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