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Milk in the service of beauty

For a natural and radiant skin is not necessary to have expensive creams and baths. You can also try to make a bath of milk and oats. Just follow our instructions.

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Milk and oatmeal are excellent choices for a healthy breakfast. However, in addition to improving our health and provide energy, these foods can serve us in skin care. We present to you a recipe for nutrient bath that hydrates and nourishes your body.

You will need: a cup of powdered milk, a cup of buttermilk powder (or a double dose of milk powder, if you cannot find buttermilk in this form), 1/4 cup oat flakes, 1/2 cup ground almonds, tablespoon of corn starch, oil capsule of vitamin E. mix together all ingredients in a blender and keep in a sealed jar. When you want a bath, add half a cup of this mixture for the water bath.

What makes this bath looks so beneficial to your skin? Lactic acid removes dead skin cells, making the skin smooth. Furthermore, this acid can lighten stains caused by skin aging. Oat flakes have anti-inflammatory effects and remove traces of dryness of the skin.


Photo by Dennis Wong/ CC BY

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