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Skiing for a healthier and happier life

Lovers of skiing and snowboarding have another excuse to deal with these exciting, a bit expensive, sports.

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Scientists in South Korea have found that the pleasure that skiing represents quite sufficient to fix the mood, and for a longer period.

The study included 279 people during the ski season. They were asked to complete a questionnaire that included questions about their mood, feeling of satisfaction and level of physical activity. 45% of them are engaged in snowboarding, skiing 40%, and 15% of both activities.

People, who had the highest benefits for emotional health, were people who were most of their time skiing.

“Playfulness is important for adults as well as children,” said study leader Dr. Woo-hyun Lee, adding that “happiness is largely dependent on our activities, which is why we must carefully choose.”

Interestingly, the results showed that it is more efficient for skiing emotional well-being, in relation to the snowboarding.

Previous studies have shown that physical activity has a wonderful power in improving mood, depression prevention and strengthening self-esteem, and this study confirms that again.

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