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And scrubbing the floor tightens muscles and burn calories

If you chew chips, praline and similar delicacies, you don’t need to go immediately to the gym to burn calories. Everyday tasks help to burn calories fast. For example, if you eat ten jellybeans, you will burn them if you are at least ten minutes making arrangement in place. For a cookie you will have to hoe the garden or watering the flowers at least 15 minutes.

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Food   |   Calories   |  Activity

Fries with mayonnaise, 278 kcal – hoeing the garden, 45 min

One praline, 62 kcal – climbing stairs, 8 min

One hamburger 253 calories – walking (5.5 km / h), 60 min

One fried sausages, 282 Cal – vacuuming, 60 min

One bagel, 205 calories – cutting grass, 30 min

A cup of cocoa, 140 kcal – breaststroke swimming (1.2 km / h), 27 min

Ten leaves of potato chips, 105 calories – shopping in a supermarket, 40 min

One bar of chocolate, 107 calories – jogging (8 km / h), 11 min

21 breadsticks wand, 105 kcal – knitting, 70 min

A glass of champagne, 79 kcal – Bowling, 12 min

250 g of potato salad, 253 calories – riding a bike (15 km / h), 36 min

One of pretzels, 170 kcal – collecting leaves, 35 min

One bagel, 185 calories – table tennis, 35 min

Two biscuits, 40 kcal – scrubbing the floor, 10 min

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