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5 sport for top-form

If you want to bring your body in top-form, select one of the sports that suggests Michael Collins, a doctor and a fitness trainer. Believe me, the body will be great sculpted.

women running

Running for endurance

Runners will be back in shape, and the way you melt fat and strengthen your legs and upper body. If you run regularly, at least three times a week, you will burn calories much faster than if you do some other sport.

Ideal running is where you spend 60 to 80 percent strength. You can run anywhere and whenever you have time. In this sport you need a high quality shoes to avoid injury to joints. If you are overweight or heart problems, be sure to consult with your doctor before you start to run.

Squash for a healthy heart

Squash, favorite game with Wall Street broker, has become popular in our country. This sport is very dynamic, and its rules are more than simple. Played by two or four players use a racket and a ball. The point is that the contestants turns back the ball hitting the wall. The pace of the game depends on the strength of the players and their experience.

Due to the constant running this sport is ideal for strengthening the cardiovascular system. Squash increases muscle strength and endurance in the lower body, while the upper gives suppleness and flexibility.

Rowing for strong lungs

Rowing does wonders for the respiratory system as the regular training increases lung capacity. In addition, it provides the perfect training for all muscles. Proper and balanced rowing movements strengthen the back muscles, chest and stomach and relieves spinal cord. Rowing is great for the heart, as it accelerates blood circulation and keeps blood vessels. Within an hour of paddling on calm water burns a lot more calories than after practicing tennis or running. Rowing is especially recommended for children at puberty because the body develops in the right way.

Climbing the force

For those who want to save the body strength and improve fitness hiking is the ideal sport. However, as is one of anaerobic activities, hiking is the perfect choice for those who want to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Instead, the sport will allow you to have beautifully shaped and strong muscles that develop due to the contraction and expansion during the climb over rough and hilly terrain. If you are not able to go to a mountain, a great replacement may be an artificial jungle hiking.

Swimming for muscles strong

Pouring is healthy for the whole body as it encourages stretching of the joints and connective tissue, and to accelerate the blood circulation throughout the body. The advantage of swimming over other sports lies in the comprehensiveness. Swimming is, in fact, classified as an aerobic activity that strengthens the cardiovascular system, but also improves the elasticity of joints that have become resistant to the daily efforts and loads. Swimming is also a perfect shape and all the muscles become stronger and more resistant to all kinds of injuries.

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