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Is there a perfect age difference between children?

Many parents have just had their first child and are already thinking about another troubling issue. And we wonder whether there really is a perfect age difference between children and what does it matter?

age difference between children

Experts say there is no perfect distinction and regardless of whether a second child comes as soon as this first little grows or you want to wait a little longer, everyone will need a period of adjustment when the second baby comes into the house and that’s a fact. It is an event that will affect you and your first child no matter how old it is.

On the other hand it is completely natural to want to make a difference as small as possible for your children when they grow up so they are able to socialize more and have more in common, than is usually the case if the age difference is greater. The positive side of minor differences is that children are much more common in spite of having a brother or sister and one for play. The downside is that children are difficult to develop their own thought individuality because they are always with their brother or sister.

If you’re already thinking about another child this are the advantages of smaller age difference between siblings:

  • You are still custom-paced in changing diapers, sleeplessness and breastfeeding so that you will not need special adjustment.
  • Brothers and sisters who are at approximate age, usually become very good friends when they grow up, and while the babies will always have company to play.
  • Your older child will be much happier because they no longer just.

The advantage of greater age difference between children include:

  • An older child better understand what it means patience, sharing, cooperation and compassion.
  • If you take care of two children who wear diapers it can be very stressful and a great challenge for any mother.
  • With greater age difference you have more time to deal specifically with the development of the personality of each child separately.

In principle, the rule does not exist is all a matter of what you want and what you think you’re ready. You decide whether you want your child has a buddy or want to devote special time while the kids are small. In any case, regardless of the difference for the second child will be required special energy, time and access.

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