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Cooked food that is healthier in raw form

Although nutritionists advise us to eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables in their raw form, because most of these foods during thermal processing loses most of its nutrients, there are a few exceptions. Here is a list of foods that it is healthier to eat cooked than in raw form.

cooked carrots


Cooked spinach strengthens the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from other foods, and in addition is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, lutein and antioxidants such as beta carotene. What’s great is fact that the amount of calcium in spinach triples during heat treatment.


Kale is a super food that would more often should you eat and cooked it in the form of the recommendations of the experts. Due to the large amount of fiber, kale steamed lowers elevated cholesterol. Crude kale has that same ability, but in a much milder form.


Thermal treatment for mushrooms is not only healthier but also much safer option especially if you get them yourself in the woods. There are several types of mushrooms that are allowed to eat only cooked, and even those that are safe to be eaten raw, such as button mushrooms are very hard to digest. Cooking mushrooms makes for easier digestion and kills all the toxins that are in them.


Cooking tomatoes to release large amounts of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that has many medicinal properties and proven to protect against heart disease and cancer.


Thanks to the beta carotene from carrots you improve eye health and vision quality because this antioxidant in the body converts into vitamin A. Beta carotene from raw carrots are very difficult to digest, and the cooking is decomposed and increases its nutritional value.

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